Pre-order: Rivershores - Dizzy Low's


We at Shield Recordings are proud to announce the release of the first Rivershores Full Length called "Dizzy Lows". 10 new poppunk classics for your listening pleasure!

The amazing artwork was done by Homesick Design.
We'll be releasing "Dizzy Lows" together with our friends in Fond of Life Records and Hectic Society Records.

01. My Dark Friend
02. Ghouls
03. A Bedpost, A Belt and a Batman Suit
04. What's Left to Love
05. To A New Beginning
06. Rain
07. Hope is a Beggar
08. Little Critters
09. This Pale City
10. Sugar Schemes

Pressing info:
100 x Black vinyl
200 x Gold + Transparent Green vinyl
200 x Clear mixed with Solid Orange and Black vinyl