Pre-Order now: Laraigné - The Brightside Of It All LP


Pre-orders for the Laraigné "The Brightside Of It All" LP available now, release date May 11th! 

We're proud to welcome back Greg Laraigné to the Shield Recordings roster. He now goes by the moniker Laraigné and has a new LP coming out on May 11th on both Shield Recordings (EU) and Snappy Little Numbers (Overseas). 
Expect 7 songs with a sound compaired (a bit) to Brain Fallon, Jon Snodgrass and Frank Turner, pressed on a fancy looking smokey clear LP. 
Pre-orders available now, shipping out before the release date May 11th. No waiting on this one, the vinyl and all print parts are ready to go! 

Check out the first song of the upcoming LP at our release page/ bandcamp page.