SLD 061   Giant Eagles - Giant Egos

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01. In the backseat
02. Total war
03. It's gonna take some time
04. Heartbreaker
05. The howl of the wolf
06. Rather be stupid
07. Got stabed
08. You Lied
09. 21 Bodies
10. Born to follow
11. A town called loneliness
12. Bye Bye Baby


Vinyl only: 
1st press: 
300 x Black vinyl

2nd press (2020, comes with huge poster and lyric sheet)
10 x Testpressing
300 x White vinyl 

3nd press (2021, comes with huge poster and lyric sheet)
196x Yellow vinyl

4th press (2023, comes with huge poster and lyric sheet)
321x Red vinyl


My god! Talk about your long term projects… Nine years in the making,
Shield Recordings is proud to release the long awaited debut album of Giant Eagles; Giant Eagles - Giant Egos. A record with songwriting obviously honouring the Misfits, Ramones and Duran Duran, but with a sound more relating to this day and age. In other words, 80-ties Ramones with a fresh, tight punkrocksound... Oh, and don’t forget the synths of course.

Giant Eagles is a punkrock collective from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Marien Nicotine (ex-Apers, The Windowsill) together with Simon Speechless (Ragin' Hormones, Lulabelles, ex-Accelerators) started working on songs as early as 2005. Together with Ivo Backbreaker (Apers, The Windowsill) and Ox Accelerator (Accelerators, Jizz Kids) they finally recorded a full length in 2013.
Expect 12 epic punkrock songs with heavy synths and lyrics about war, wolfs, wasting time and electric chairs.

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