SLD 131   Once I Cry - Good Times & More


Studio Side (Side A):
Good Times and More 7 inch (Remixed)
01. Good Times Are Now
02. Platitude
03. I Won't Be There
04. Instead
05. Recurring Nightmare

Unreleased tracks:
06. Brick By Brick
07. A Fire Inside You
08. The End
09. New Youth Crew

Live Side (Side B):
Live in Haarlem: 
01. Signs
02. Point of View
03. Distance
04. Breakthrough
05. Instead

Live in Den Bosch: 
06. Cut Of A Different Cause
07. I Won't be There
08. A Fire Inside You
09. Distance
10. Platitude
11. Rotterdam Posse


10x Testpressing - black vinyl with white labels
100x Black vinyl
200x Sunset Boulevard vinyl. 

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