SLD 078   Outline - Fading

Outline - Fading BUY THIS RELEASE


Side A:
A1. Walking
A2. Choke
A3. Morning Again

Side B:
B1. Faded
B2. Fever


7 inch pressing:
100 x Yellow vinyl
200 x Black vinyl


Outline is a Belgian hardcorepunkband inspired by the late '90/early '00 bands they grew up with and as such has been described by some as a mix between Killing The Dream, Sinking Ships and From Ashes Rise. We don’t disagree. They write about the stuff that pisses them off and as such, Outline is an outlet for the members everyday frustrations.

So far Outline released a s/t demo tape (2012), a 12" EP called "Tombs" (2013) and the EP „Noose” (2014) and are releasing our new 7" called "Fading" on Shield Recordings.

The release show for Fading is at The Rocker in Mechelen on May 16th (happy lagwagon day!) and helping us out that night are Lotus, Sundays and El Mirage, all of which we consider friends and great bands.

Outline is Rikkerd, Pie, Wouter & Petit

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