SLD 080   Angstgegner - self titled LP

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Side A:
01. Intro/ Angstgegner
02. The Bearded Lady
03. I Shot The Deputy
04. Donut Patrol
05. Tongue Tied
06. Back To The Future II
07. Calloused Hands
08. Itch You Can't Scratch

Side B: 
09. Born Stupid
10. Early Midlife Crisis
11. Whelmed
12. Elephant In The Room
13. M.B.P.
14. Bypass My Heart
15. Divine Interventions
16. 100% Not Sure


LP only:
100 x Reign in Blood Red
200 x Black


ANGSTGEGNER is the brainchild of Martijn Konings (ex-Otis, The Unborn, Schelles). In the year two thousand and thirteen he enters the legendary 195 Studio, all by himself, to record a bunch of instrumentals in the vein of OFF! and Black Flag; hardcore punk in its most elementary form. The modus operandi of ANGSTGEGNER is best described as short but sweet. Restless songs stripped to the core, landing like a slingshot hit from an unexpected angle.
His experiment turns out way to good to be shelved, so Mario van Meer (ex-Otis) is called in to scream the recording to the next level. The first fruits of this collaboration appear on a split 7” with enfant terribles Tarantino through Black Death Records
In the years that follow, blood once again turns out to be thicker than water. While the band plays shows all over The Netherlands and four other countries, shares stages with Off!, Poison Idea, Iron Reagan and The Freeze and plays festivals like Incubate, Breda Barst and Crossbone Fest, the duo steadily works on enough material to fill their self titles debut album.
On the 8th of July 2016, ‘Angstgegner’ sees the light of day through Black Death Records. Distribution will be taken care of by longtime Dutch label Shield Recordings. The album marks the beginning of the next level for what started out as an experiment. The try-out as a solo studio artist got completely out of hand. Looking back at it all, this was exactly what was supposed to happen.
On stage, ANGSTGEGNER is completed by Jean Morreau (NRA, bass, ex-Human Alert) and Ruud van Esch (ex-Fehler ex-Razorblade, drums).

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